Generate Voice-Overs For Ebooks, Webinars, Review Videos, How To Videos, Tutorial Videos, Podcasts & More

You’ve made an amazing decision.

In just a few minutes, you’re about to get access to a powerful software that will take any script up to 1,000 word long, and transform it into an amazing lifelike voice-over, using any of 84 voices spread across 27 languages and dialects.

Ok. So you grabbed Wave Net Vocalizer and in 3 simple-to-follow steps you’re going to be able to create amazing voice-overs in seconds.

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Voice Over Text Of Virtually Unlimited Length & Upload TXT Files

I’m talking about allowing you to voice over text of virtually unlimited length and be able to upload TXT file instead of using web form.

This is perfect for anybody who needs to generate voice-overs for longer text content, like ebooks, webinars, review videos, how to videos, tutorial videos, podcasts, audio articles, and more.

People are very busy, so it is much easier for them to consume audio content than a written text, because they can do that while doing chores, commuting, watching their children’s sport activities, buying groceries in store, and every time they cannot read but can listen.

Make More Profits From Ebooks & Sell Audio Books

This is also the reason why audio books are sold for higher prices than text ebooks on Amazon and elsewhere.

Very often an audio book is either an add-on order bump alongside a text ebook, or is sold as an upsell.

So if you sell or ever think about selling ebooks, Wave Net Vocalizer PRO is definitely for you, to maximize your profits, by producing and selling audio versions of your ebooks.

Make More Commissions, Boost Youtube Video Views & Channel Subscribers

If you make product reviews or want to make them to either boost video views on your youtube channel, or make more commissions from reviewed products, you really need Wave Net Vocalizer PRO, because it gives you an ability to post the same review in 27 languages and dialects.

Also, If you do or want to do, very popular on youtube, how-to videos in order to skyrocket views and subscriptions for your channel, Wave Net Vocalizer PRO is the way to go

Make Evergreen Webinars In Language You Are Not Fluent In

If you ever thought about doing evergreen webinars in a language you are not fluent in, Wave Net Vocalizer PRO may be just the piece of the puzzle you are missing right now.

Make Podcast In 27 Languages & Dialects.

If you ever thought about podcast, or even if you already have one, Wave Net Vocalizer PRO allows you to broadcast same postcast in 27 languages and dialects.

More Sales, More Leads, More Views,
More Youtube Channel Subscribers, More Podcast Listeners!

There are many more uses for Wave Net Vocalizer PRO, but the bottom line is that it can bring you more sales, more leads, more views, more youtube channel subscribers, more podcast listeners, and generally more people interacting with your content.

Instant Massive Saving, A Grandfathered
Discount, Plus Unlimited Voice-Overs

Because Google charges us for generating your voice-overs, the official planned price for Wave Net Vocalizer PRO is $197 signing fee, and then $97 per month. But because you are a new Wave Net Vocalizer member, we are going to offer you this special chance to get it for one-time price. In addition, we will also drop the signup fee completely.

So right now you can join for not even $197, plus $97 a month.

First, we will totally waive the joining fee, and then we will replace subscription with one-time price, and your Wave Net Vocalizer PRO upgrade access will remain active for as long as you stay Wave Net Vocalizer user.

That means that you are getting an instant massive saving, a grandfathered PRO access, plus we will give you unlimited voice-overs on top as well.

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WaveNetVocalizer PRO

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